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Our Staff Members

The Fair Housing Center of West Michigan currently employs a seven-person staff, and benefits from the services of committed volunteers and a pool of more than 75 trained housing testers.

Nancy L. Haynes

Executive Director

Ms. Haynes administers a two-fold fair housing program of education and advocacy. She is responsible for program planning and implementation, resource development, fiscal management, direction of outreach programs and oversight of all aspects of testing and related enforcement.

Liz Keegan

Director of Education & Outreach

Ms. Keegan provides technical fair housing training to the housing industry and information on fair housing rights to the community at large.  In addition, she is responsible for coordinating the Center's Annual Luncheon & Workshop Series, the Annual Lakeshore Friends of Fair Housing Breakfast, Fair Housing Book Clubs, and other special events.

Brianna Miranda

Education & Outreach Coordinator

Ms. Miranda provides program coordination for all education and outreach activities as well as provides information on fair housing rights to the community at large.  In addition, she is responsible for assisting with the coordination of the Center's elementary through high school fair housing curricula, Annual Luncheon & Workshop Series, Annual Lakeshore Friends of Fair Housing Breakfast, and other special events.

Elizabeth Stoddard

Director of Advocacy

Ms. Stoddard is responsible for managing the Center's caseload, advocating on behalf of clients, generating and maintaining reports, overseeing testing projects, and investigating fair housing violations.

Becky Nespital

Enforcement Coordinator

Ms. Nespital is responsible for complaint intake and investigation, case development and management, client advocacy and outreach, cultivating relationships with community and industry partners, and other advocacy efforts.

Gabe Chapla

Manager of Investigations and Testing

Mr. Chapla recruits and trains the Center's volunteer testers. He is responsible for supervising and implementing testing assignment as well as providing training and education to the general public and housing industry.

George Jeffries

Intake Specialist - Office Coordinator

Mr. Jeffries provides support for all enforcement and advocacy work, as well as managing the Center's daily operations.  He assists with case research, managing test and case files, and testing activities. He handles greeting of visitors, answering the phone, intakes fair housing complaints, and provides appropriate referrals for all inquiries.

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