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Ebony Davis aka Gemini DaPoet

Ebony Davis/Gemini Dapoet is a Teaching Artist with The Diatribe Inc., Award Winning Poet, Published Author, Business Owner, Motivational Speaker, Community Activist, Mentor, and Local Philanthropist affectionately known as “The Voice for The Voiceless”.

Gemini DaPoet discovered her poetic ability after losing her daughter and became a known public figure after the surge of violence that occurred in the city in 2010. Her passion lies in utilizing her gift and fearlessness to implement a change that will make our community better for the next generation. So, she has made it her mission to speak on her trials and tribulations, her good times and bad times. She speaks her truth unapologetically to encourage and inspire someone who may feel like they are alone in their battles.

In March of 2021 she walked away from Corporate Geek Squad after working for them for the last decade to fully walk in her purpose and open her own business within her community. Gemini DaPoet is a recipient of the 2013 and 2015 Beat Awards Best Local Entertainer & Best-Spoken Word Artist, 2020 Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce Future 15 Award recipient, 2020 Progressive Democratic Women’s Caucus Impact Award Recipient, Great Poets across America Award Winning Poet, four-time TEDx Speaker, the first local West Michigan Author to have a plague in her honor in the Muskegon Community College Author Garden Fall of 2023 and a published author of 3 books.

Gemini DaPoet is also known as speaking up, on the behalf of the community, against racism and discrimination. She strives to show the youth that your past does not determine your future and if you put God first there is nothing you cannot accomplish. She feels she is utilizing her gift as God has directed her to and goes by the motto, “If I can touch at least one than I’m doing my part”.

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