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Understanding & Effectively Combating Sales Discrimination

People often wonder if housing discrimination really still happens and if so, how often.  Three reporters with Newsday, an award-winning daily New York newspaper, sought to find out by conducting an undercover investigation on Long Island.  According to reporters Ann Choi, Olivia Winslow and Keith Herbert, the “three-year probe strongly indicates that house hunting in one of the nation’s most segregated suburbs poses substantial risks of discrimination, with black buyers chancing disadvantages almost half of the time they enlist brokers.”  Learn more about this extensive paired-testing effort from Keith Herbert, a key member of the Newsday “Long Island Divided” team, and Fred Freiberg (Executive Director, Fair Housing Justice Center), a consultant for Newsday who organized the testing and evaluated the test results.  They will be joined by Bryan Greene (Vice President, Policy Advocacy, National Association of REALTORS) and Becky Gean (Legal Affairs Manager, Michigan REALTORS) who will move the conversation forward by sharing educational and best practice resource information from the Real Estate Professional perspective; the workshop will be moderated by Julie Rietberg (Chief Executive Officer, Greater Regional Alliance of REALTORS) and Dale Zahn (Chief Executive Officer, West Michigan Lakeshore Association of REALTORS).  This workshop may interest housing industry professionals (Realtors, apartment managers/owners, mortgage lenders, etc.), community media, and others interested in lessons learned and fair housing compliance; however, all are welcome! (Note: This course has been granted certification under the CE Marketplace guidelines; Course Code C095337, 2 Hours, Legal).  Please note that this workshop is only going to be available live/virtual on April 22nd from 9:15 to 11:15 am.  It will NOT be made available after the conference.

Tackling Tough Topics to Ensure Fair Housing Compliance

According to the National Fair Housing Alliance, there were 31,202 complaints of housing discrimination in 2018.  This is highest level of complaints ever recorded and unfortunately many of the cases involve challenging fact patterns and complex legal issues.  The pandemic has further exacerbated existing housing equity issues, making compliance with fair housing law more critical than ever.  Anchored by fair housing expert Sara Pratt (Counsel, Relman Colfax), this workshop will cover some of the more challenging topics under fair housing, such as national origin discrimination, sexual harassment, criminal history screening, accommodations or modifications for people with disabilities, and more.  Prior to joining the law firm, Ms. Pratt was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing Enforcement and Programs and Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary at HUD.  She will be joined by René Hoffmann, a Civil Rights Investigator with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.  This workshop may interest property managers, landlords, condo or homeowner association representatives, real estate agents, community advocates, and human service agency staff; however, all are welcome!

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