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Your home is so much more than your address.  Where you choose to live effects your commute, where you shop, and where your children go to school. 

Fair Housing is the front door to opportunity.  When everyone has fair access to housing that meets their needs, people feel welcomed, neighborhoods grow in diverse and vibrant ways, and our whole community benefits from their energy and investment.  That's why the Fair Housing Center works to make sure those doors are always open to all people.  However, achieving fair housing is a complex task that we cannot complete on our own.  That is why we believe that everyone - from real estate agents, landlords, and lenders to community members and neighbors - should play a role.  There are many ways you can join us to end housing discrimination and ensure fair housing choice.


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The Fair Housing Center of West Michigan offers a wide variety of events throughout the year.  Connect with us by joining in our book club, participating in a workshop, or attending a training.
Learn more about our Upcoming Events.

Get Involved

Volunteering is a wonderful way to support the work of the fair housing center.  We understand that your time is valuable and we appreciate any time that you give to us.  Therefore, we have a variety of ways to volunteer, ranging from one time commitments to ongoing relationships.  Learn how to Become a Volunteer.


When you give, you help us provide vital education on fair housing laws and practices, research the state of housing discrimination throughout the community, and restore housing choice to people who may have been discriminated against.  Learn more about Ways to Give.



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