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The Fair Housing Center of West Michigan is the front door to housing choice, ensuring everyone has equal opportunity to choose housing that's right for them. We work to prevent housing discrimination, remove barriers that allow it to persist, and restore housing choice when discrimination happens.

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Book Swap

11:45 a.m.

The FHCWM invites you to our annual Book Swap!  Bring a gently used or new book to pass on to another member (perhaps a good beach read?!)  to give that you think another Fair Housing Book Club member might enjoy and be prepared to talk about why you selected this particular book to share.  Any and all topics and genres are welcome!!

Please RSVP by calling our office at (616) 451-2980.


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Lakeshore Friends of Fair Housing Breakfast

8:30 - 10:00 am

Save the date!

Our annual 11th Lakeshore Friends of Fair Housing: Opening Doors to Housing Choice Breakfast will be held on Thursday, October 5, 2017 in Holland at 8:30 a.m. at the Baker Lofts.  Please stay tuned for further details and registration information.

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The FHCWM welcomes all to our community! 

Regardless of immigration or refugee status, national origin, or religion- The Fair Housing Act protects you from housing discrimination based on national origin, religion, and other protected characteristics.  If you feel you are being discriminated against because of your immigration or refugee status, ability to speak English, national origin, or religious beliefs- call our office for help!

Here are some signs of possible discrimination:

  • refuse to rent to you because you are an immigrant or refugee or because of your religious faith;
  • refuse to rent to you because you are not from the United States;
  • charge you more rent or a higher security deposit because of where you are from, your immigration status, or because of your religious faith;
  • require you to get a co-signer because you are an immigrant, refugee or because of your religion;
  • tell you not to cook food you like because of the smell;
  • refuse to rent to you because you or some of your family members do not speak English;
  • tell you that you must speak English when outside of your apartment;
  • force you to choose an apartment near other people who are from the same country, speak the same language as you, or are of the same religion;
  • enforce rules against you or your family because you are an immigrant or refugee or because of your religion but not enforce those rules against anyone else.

Fact Sheet: Fair Housing for Refugees

While refugees are not a specific protected class under fair housing law, the protections against housing discrimination on the basis of national origin often extend to refugees. Download this fact sheet to learn more. Call (616) 451-2980 if you have questions about your rights or responsibilities to the Act.






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